Jewelry To Drive Away Evil Spirits

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Halloween is just around the corner meaning that goblins will invade our streets, ghosts will lurk in the night, and witches will circle us on their broomsticks. The evil spiritswill be everywhere!

Donít live in fear. Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches has a secret that will keep everyone protected. After years of studying the unique properties of different stones and metals weíve identified a handful that can ward off the wicked. So, as the trick-or-treaters make their way to your door, thereís no need to hide. Just make sure you have the right jewelry on to keep yourself safe!

  • Diamonds: These sparkling stones have long been known to banish negative energy. Their potency is increased if you wear them on the left side of your body.
  • Topaz: Topaz has always been regarded as a protective stone. In Ancient Greece they also used this powerful stone to restore their strength.
  • Sapphire: While Sapphire wonít protect you in the moment, it is a great stone for removing negative energy from your system. Keep them close in case you do see a ghost.
  • Garnet: Garnets build up your willpower. Theyíre also great for warding off evil spirits. Especially those that tend to come in the night.
  • Jade: This beautiful stone is said to bless whatever it touches. Itís also one of the most powerful ways to dispell black magic.

If you donít have any of these stones in your current collection, hurry! Make your way to Carats Fine Jewelery & Watches to stock up and ensure that youíll be left alone this Halloween.

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