Adding Statement Jewelry To Your Wardrobe

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At Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches we LOVE statement jewelry pieces. That said, we know that for many of our customers they can be a little intimidating. After all theyíre larger than your typical stud earrings, they often incorporate bold colors, and when you go to match them with your outfits you end up 100% confused.

Take a deep breath. Weíre here to help you with the dos and doníts of adding statement jewelry pieces to your everyday wardrobe. Yes, we said everyday! Because once you get this look you wonít want to let go of it!

Do add big and colorful pieces to your outfits that are a bit more on the plain side. Youíll be amazed at the transformation.

Do pick pieces that show off your own unique style whether thatís vintage, contemporary, or bohemian.

Do make sure that youíre still paying attention to the quality and craftsmanship of your pieces.

Do play with different color combinations. Believe it or not that blue blouse could come alive with a vibrant, pink sapphire statement earrings.

Donít think that you have to ditch your everyday pieces, just because you added a bit more flare.

Donít be scared to mix it up. Once upon a time there was a rule that your jewelry sets had to match {perfectly}. Luckily we have more freedom these days!

Donít overdo it. Have fun, but donít throw your whole jewelry box on at the same time. Try sticking to one or two statement pieces per outfit.

Donít stress. Caratís Fine Jewelry & Watches is here to help you get the perfect look.

Remember, itís all an experiment. The most important thing is to feel confident. If youíve got that part down, you can pretty much wear anything!

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