upgrade your diamond ring blogYou’ll never forget that special moment when you said “YES.” The ring was slipped on your finger and from that day forward, it has been a romantic symbol of the love and devotion you and your partner share.

It’s natural for your taste and lifestyle to evolve, however, and your ring may no longer take your breath away. You might have a marquise or princess cut diamond, but would now prefer a round brilliant. Or maybe you’d like to modernize the setting or enhance the band.

From a modest refresh to an extravagant transformation, Carats offers you limitless possibilities for upgrading your ring, expertly guiding you through every step of the process. Here are just a few ways you can achieve a whole new look at Carats:

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Tips to Making Heirloom Jewelry Last

heirloom jewelry thumbnailHeirloom is defined as, “a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations” and always holds a very special place in our hearts. Heirloom jewelry has memories attached to it that we want to preserve and protect, as it is passed down through the family often times for several generations. Because of the unavoidable wear and aging of the jewelry, it’s important to take the right steps in protecting it from deterioration.

Here are some quick tips to make sure your heirloom jewelry and its stunning beauty will last as long as the memories it holds.

carats engagement rings blog

The iconic diamond engagement ring has been given as a token of love and commitment since the early Renaissance. It carries tremendous meaning and is the cornerstone of the modern American jewelry market. Engagement ring clientele includes millennials seeking personalized designs, Generation Xers with classic styles in mind, and married couples celebrating the longevity of their relationship by upgrading their original rings.

The top 5 spring jewelry trends of 2017

This season’s must-have jewelry trends are bringing fashion shifts across all areas of fashion. Here’s a look at our top 5 spring jewelry trends of 2017 and how you can use them in your daily jewelry practice.

It’s all in the details

We’ve seen a stretch of seasons carrying larger-than-life jewelry statements across the fashion world, and this year stars are downsizing for their spring and summer statements. Expect to see small jewelry with large detail. Layers of thin rings, skinny cuffs and delicate necklaces. Accessories of tiny size, making a subtle, indirect but impressive impact on an overall look. Rose gold has also, quickly become a popular detail in spring and summer jewelry this year!

Pearls, pearls, pearlsPearls are taking on a new look with designers incorporating pearls into bold, trendy designs. The

secrets of our mothers and grandmothers are being born again with some amazing pearl jewelry designs. Naturally, pearls are collectively flattering for any skin complexion. Some say it’s almost like wearing a light diffuser around your face. With this fresh approach on pearls, we’re going to see pearls trend as a jewelry box essential once again.

Throwback jewelry

1970’s jewelry is coming back with a passion! Expect to see jewelry that is wearable but has some significant weight to it. Chunky gold necklaces, some thick bangles, even statement pendant necklaces or animal themed designs. Many inspirations you would have seen in the 1970’s styles. Interest in high-end, vintage jewelry designs have also shown to be a hot jewelry trend this year.

Bright and colorful

Colored diamonds are becoming one of the fastest growing jewelry trends of 2017. Pink and yellow stones have been particularly popular, but you’ll begin to see an array of colored stones through the spring and summer of 2017. The demand for colored stones is high as they are rare and have had an amplified presence on high-profile individuals. Get ready to get wild with color!

Bring in the rings!

The more the better! That’s right, ring stacking is hot again with celebrities staking multiple sets of rings to create a complete look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals, show your pinky some love and be sure not to overcrowd the knuckle rings. So find some delicate rings to stack, bring out grandmother’s pearls, get ready for a blast from the past and discover new and daring colors in your jewelry selections this spring!

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Three of The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

Every girl dreams of having a big, beautiful chunk of rock that sparkles and shines more than any other! The more expensive, valuable and rare the rock- the more precious it becomes. We would all love to own one of the world’s most treasured gems, but most of us will only dream of it. Here are three of the most expensive diamond jewelry pieces in the world! Sit back, enjoy, and dream a little!

Heart of The Ocean

The Heart of the Ocean is undoubtedly the most recognizable piece in this list. The Heart of the Ocean

was made indisputably famous by the movie Titanic. This iconic necklace was crafted by the infamous jeweler, well-known around the world, Harry Winston. The blue diamond itself weighs in at 15 carats and that kind of beauty doesn’t come without a weighted price tag. The Heart of the Ocean prices at $20 million dollars. Even its knock-offs are selling high, at $3.5 million, because of its value and cinematic fame.

The Perfect Pink

The high-grade color, cut, and clarity of this remarkable pink diamond is only a part of what makes this 14.23 carat, rare pink diamond so magnificent. What makes this diamond even more exceptional is that it belongs to the small 10% of pink diamonds that weigh over .20 carats. Throughout history, only 18 known diamonds were valued at 10 carats or more. With the two colorless white diamonds (weighing 1.73 and 1.67 carats) and the white gold ring of 18 carats, this perfect and precious piece is priced at $23.2 million.

The Graff Pink Diamond

Another pink beauty, the Graff Pink Diamond is considered one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world being priced at $1.85 million per carat! Laurence Graff bought the impressive ring from “Heart of the Ocean” jeweler, Harry Winston, for the hefty price of $46.2 million. At 24.78 carats and a rare type II color, this extraordinary diamond is considered to be one of the most precious diamonds to ever be discovered. The notable diamond and two shield-shaped diamonds are all mounted on a premiere platinum ring.

Who wouldn’t want to have one of these in their jewelry box? To come close to owning one of the most coveted jewelry pieces in the world, we all may need some time to save up. In the meantime, browse our striking selection of fine jewelry and inspiring diamond jewelry pieces!

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An American Dream

Carats Fine Jewelry & Watches in Sarasota, Florida you’ll notice the seamless look of our showroom. You’ll appreciate our friendly sales team. And, you’ll fall in love with our stunning collections as they shine back at you from our modern cases. Today it’s all a reality, but once upon a time it was simply a dream.

The American Dream of one man, Greg Twarowski.

Greg’s story began in Poland. Even as a young boy he was passionate and driven. From making deals with other children to negotiating the house rules with his mother, Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit was always at the forefront. His search for opportunity is what eventually brought him to Sarasota, Florida in 1990.

Miles from his homeland, Greg new that in order to succeed in the United States he would have to work hard, remain positive, and pursue a trade that he was passionate about. With a charming personality and a love for fine jewelry he quickly found himself as an entrepreneur in the wholesale market.  With several years as a successful businessman in the wholesale market Greg extended his passion for Fine Jewelry to include  Watches.  It seemed only natural to open a retail store.   As Greg became more familiar with the industry he expanded his product offerings,  added fine jewelry repairs, and he also offered custom design services for his customers.  This has resulted in a successful full service fine jewelry store.

Greg is happy to call himself a Sarasota resident for over 25 years, and the owner of Carats Fine Jeweler & Watches. It’s this community and our loyal customers that have made this American Dream possible. Thank you.  

Thursday, 11 May 2017 15:26

Make Your Siesta Key Vacation Memorable

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful Siesta Key area? If you are looking for a relaxing, fun and adventure-filled trip of a lifetime, then the answer should be yes!

A Siesta Key vacation can be all of those things and more. There are plenty of opportunities for relaxation. You can lounge either on the beach or poolside, or spend time in your air-conditioned vacation rental. There are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can eat delicious seafood and have a signature margarita.

If shopping is your thing, there is plenty of that to be had, as well as dancing and live music on many nights.

The water is really the star of the show, though. Siesta Key beach has been voted one of the top beaches in the United States for good reason. White, powder sand beaches, crystal aquamarine water. Boating, snorkeling, jet skiing and paddle boarding are just some of the things you can do. Here are some things not to miss if you want to have a memorable Siesta Key Vacation:

• Try parasailing. This is a great way to get an exhilarating, bird's eye view of the beach and surrounding area. Or, if you have never done it before, try surfing!
• Have a drink at Gilligan's Island Bar
• Go for a walk on the beach at sunrise, coffee in hand.
• Try yoga on the beach!
• Satisfy your need for shopping at Carats Fine Jewelry, and bring back a gorgeous memento of your Siesta Key vacation!

If you are planning a Siesta Key vacation, don't forget the most important activity: Have fun! A trip to Siesta Key will no doubt be one of your fondest vacation memories.

Visit Carats Fine Jewelry and Watches, located on Bay Street in Sarasota right off Siesta Key. You'll find the perfect piece to commemorate your special Siesta Key vacation and have a souvenir that you'll be wearing for years to come.

When you start the search for the perfect engagement ring to match your future bride's personality, you're bombarded with information about diamonds, gemstones, precious metals and setting styles. It can become overwhelming quickly, but it's important to keep your head and remained focused on what matters most: finding the perfect engagement ring that shows that you understand, accept and celebrate everything that makes her unique.

Check her jewelry box
Not only do you need to know her ring size for the engagement ring, you also need to know what type of stones, metals and settings she likes. To find this out, covertly browse through her jewelry collection when she's not around and take note of what style she seems to favor. If she seems to like a little bit of everything, you may have to consider creating a custom engagement ring for her that incorporates elements from some of her pieces. Obtaining her ring size usually requires secretly borrowing one of her current rings, but remember that left and right ring fingers aren't always the same size.

Talk to friends and family
If you can't access her jewelry collection or it doesn't give you the answers you need for an engagement ring, start asking her friends and family what she likes. When the proposal is going to be a surprise, ask them to keep your questions secret and hopefully they'll be so excited about the upcoming event, they'll stay quiet. While you're talking to family members, it never hurts to ask for her father's blessing because even though it's an old tradition, it can still hold great significance to the man who raised her.

Choosing the stone and setting
Hopefully your research has helped you narrow down the choices for the stone, precious metal and setting. If she wears a lot of a particular kind of metal such as gold, silver or platinum, choose an engagement ring in that metal because it's obviously a favorite. If she's all about the bling with real or manufactured diamonds, then opting for a diamond is a safe bet. However, if she prefers wearing a different gemstone such as her birthstone or other colored gem, it's a good idea to incorporate that into the engagement ring. Reflect her personality by choosing a ring that's just as flashy or as understated and modest as she is and she'll be impressed by how well you know her.


Stop by Carats today and one of our expert jewelers can help you find the ring of your lady's dreams!

To maintain the function and beauty of your timepiece, regular watch maintenance and repair from Carats is a worthwhile investment. With fine watch maintenance from Carats, you know that your fashionable and functional timepiece will remain a reliable part of your daily ensemble.

Battery replacement
In order for your watch to keep time properly, it needs a working battery and with today's watch designs, it can be almost impossible to replace the battery yourself without risking damage. Taking your timepiece to an experienced jeweler for watch repair that includes battery replacement is a safer course of action. Battery replacement can usually be done while you wait.

Band adjustment, repair or replacement
When the metal or leather band on your watch starts to feel loose or wears out, it's important to get it fixed quickly so you don't risk losing your watch. Sometimes tightening a metal band just requires removing a few links, but on occasion, the band may need restoration or replacement as part of watch maintenance. Having a watch that fits properly and is comfortable to wear keeps it an essential part of your attire.

Quartz movement repair/replacement
If you've recently replaced your watch battery in your quartz timepiece and it's still not keeping time right or the battery wore out unusually fast, it may be a sign that there's an issue with the movement. Quartz watches can fail due to dirt in the movement, oxidation and salts in the battery compartment, defective coil, defective tuning fork quartz crystal and defective electronics. It's impossible to know which of these issues is hindering your watch's proper movement and it's best to enlist an experienced, professional jewelry for watch adjustments to repair quartz movement.

Caring for your watch between maintenance
To ensure that your timepiece performs properly between regular watch adjustment periods, there are several things you can do. Keep your watch in top running condition by:

  • Avoiding dropping it on hard surfaces
  • Keeping it out of running water even if it's water resistant
  • Washing a water resistant watch after swimming in the sea
  • Never washing a watch with the crown pulled out
  • Removing it before entering a bath or sauna
  • Never exposing it to chemicals such as bleach
  • Turning the crown periodically to prevent corrosion
  • Wiping off any moisture after removing it

With proper care and regular watch maintenance from Carats, your watch stays in fashion and lasts a lifetime. Visit us today to get your watch in tip-top shape!

Gold and precious stones have been used for human adornments for millennia. From Mesopotamia's use of silver hair rings and elaborate medallion pendants, to the ancient Mayan love for jade bracelets and sophisticated gold anklets, ancient cultures were big fans of jewelry. Such a love still continues today, with modern-day New Yorkers still coveting the rarity of a red beryl wedding ring. So why is it that women love jewelry so much?

If you think back to college Psychology 101, you might remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This was a pyramid theory in which the order of needs ranked, from base to tip: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and finally self-actualization.

In considering jewelry, many people tie it with esteem, a fairly high ranking in this pyramid. Esteem is acknowledgement and approval from both others and yourself. Jewelry has long been a great indicator of wealth, social status, and linked to the most basic need of attracting a need. When you give someone a woman a beautiful necklace or beaded bracelet, you're granting them a high status and its a symbol of your role as a provider of being capable of financially care for her.

Jewelry is also often used as a means of self-expression. Some women (and men) choose designs that are bold and expensive, while others go for more delicate and intricate pieces. Many choose to use their birthstones as points of self-identification, or use the personality afforded to those stones to reflect how they feel about themselves. or instance, ruby symbolizes passion and so a person who loves that stone may feel as if she is asserting those characteristics in herself when displaying ruby-centered pieces.

To learn more about the importance of gold and precious stones and why women love them so, visit us at Carats Fine Jewelry and Watches today.

Browsing for a wedding ring online is a great way to do research, but when it comes time to buy your wedding rings, it's a better idea to shop at a credible, local jeweler like Carats. Although you may know your ring sizes, that's not a guarantee that the ring you order online will fit properly and then you'll have to take it somewhere for resizing. Skip the hassle and explore the wedding band possibilities in person at a local establishment.

Narrowing down materials
Through pictures, you can see what wedding band materials including gold, silver, platinum, palladium and titanium look like, but you don't fully understand what they'll feel like when you're wearing them. There are distinct differences between each material and until you hold them in your hand and try them on your ring finger, you can't be certain which one is the best choice for your wedding ring.

Finding a comfortable wedding ring
While women may wear rings on their left hand ring finger prior to receiving an engagement ring or wedding band, men rarely do so it's important to find a wedding ring he'll be comfortable wearing. Many of today's rings offer a comfort band with a curved surface instead of the traditional flat that men may find uncomfortable. The wedding bands chosen for the bride and groom need to work comfortably with their lifestyle too and not interfere with daily tasks and the only way to know this detail is by checking a variety of band shapes, styles and materials.

Discovering personal style
Many couples choose to have matching wedding bands, but this isn't necessary for every bride and groom. Expressing your unique, personal style, even when they don't perfectly match your partner's, makes the wedding ring more significant, especially since it means that you and your partner each accept what makes you both unique. It's becoming more popular for men and women to include gemstones in their wedding rings, but not all gemstones are suitable for bands because of their fragile nature. Another way to add personal style to a wedding ring is by combining different materials into the ring for a two-tone effect, including inlays, stripes or ribbed edges and using a unique woven or wave pattern.

When you choose a wedding ring from an experienced local jeweler like Carats, the jewelers can create a custom band that meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us or stop by today to see how we can help find your perfect wedding ring!

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